Min. 2 DAYS NOTICE REQUIRED FOR ALL SMASH CAKES (Excluding Next Day Range). Delivery also available to the Gold Coast every Friday!


Imagine a pinata, but it’s made entirely out of chocolate & filled with confectionery inside. With a hard, chocolate outer shell, our smash cakes are designed to be smashed open, revealing a delightful surprise inside. But don’t worry, you won’t need a bat to break it open – just a timber mallet or a rolling pin!

Why settle for a traditional cake when you can have a chocolate smash cake? It’s interactive, fun, and guaranteed to make your special occasion even more memorable. Order yours today and experience the joy of smashing open a chocolate pinata!


We’re a family owned, local business in Brisbane and for the past 20 years, we have been running as a chocolate manufacturer supplying to wholesalers and retail stores across Brisbane to Gold Coast. We decided to test out our smash cakes first through a couple of retailers and due to the demand, we thought, why not open up an additional business solely focusing on our interactive chocolate smash cakes!

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