Oh Baby Shower Smash Cake - Girl (1.5kg filling)

Celebrate the most exciting time of your life with one of our baby shower smash cakes. 

Cake elements include: 

  • Two Krispy Kreme donuts 
  • Two fresh macaroons
  • Rafaello white chocolate
  • Chocolate dipped meringues
  • Mini marshmallows 
  • Vanilla wafer sticks
  • White chocolate buttons
  • Rose gold oh baby topping

Filling includes: 

  • Pink smarties
  • Peach flavoured jelly beans
  • Pink gum balls
  • Pink chocolate eclairs
  • Pink and white marshmallows
  • Sherbet heart gummies 

Cake size: 15 cm x 25 cm including topper

Cake total weight: 2kg

Packaged in a white cake box with a clear window.