GIANT Easter Egg - Milk chocolate (3 kg of filling + 2 mallets)

We're talking a literal giant chocolate egg that you can smash into!

Weighing in at almost 4kgs, this 45cm large egg is sure to turn heads.

This one is perfect for gifting & for those larger families who want to smash into the egg together.


  • Giant milk chocolate egg
  • Licorice allsorts
  • Rainbow sour straps
  • Smarties
  • Trolli Gummi bears
  • Sour patch kids
  • Wonka nerds ropes
  • Musk sticks
  • Allen's jelly beans
  • Allen's party mix

Packaged with:

  • 2 x smash mallets (you can also add more into your cart if necessary)
  • White cake box

Add ons: 

  • Personalised Easter card
  • Up to 2 more mallets (1 for $8, 2 for $15)

Fill with 3kg of: 

+$0 - Mixed Party Filling: Allen's party mix, Pascall Marshmallows & Mini M&M's

+ $20 - 50/50 Filling: Allen's Party Mix, Mini M&M's, Maltesars, Chocolate Honeycomb, Smarties

+ $30 - Chocaholic Filling: Mini M&M's, Maltesars, Smarties, Mini Mars Bars, Mini Snicker Bars, Mini Milky Ways, M&M packets, Chocolate Honeycomb & Original Milk Chocolate Tim Tams

+ $40 - Premium Mix: Lindt Assorted balls (11 variety flavours), Ferrero Rochers, Rafaellos, Cadbury Favourites

Weight: 4 kg