Corporate Cakes

Corporate Chocolate Smash Cakes!!A creative way to assist in the promotion of your next marketing campaign or celebrate a company/team milestone. We also have experience in putting together custom-made PR gift boxes for brands world-wide.

What you can customise on your corporate cake:

Logo - We have an edible image printer to print your logo onto edible icing sheets

Elements/Theme of Cake - Tell us what type of elements you'd like to see on the cake.

Chocolate type/colour - You can customise the cake depending on the chocolate colour you'd like - Milk, White, Dark or even Coloured white chocolate which includes colours such as Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple etc. 


Sizes: We have 3 different shapes (cylinder, dome & hearts) that vary in sizes.

  • From $55 - Small dome (500g filling)
  • From $65 - Small cylinder (500g filling)
  • From $100 - Original dome (1kg filling)
  • From $55 - Small message heart smash cake (5oog filling)
  • From $75 - Original Message heart smash cake (1kg filling)
  • From $65 - Geometric heart smash cake (35og filling)
  • From $120 - Original size cylinder (1.5kg filling)


Please email us if you're interested in making an enquiry for your organisation: