About Us & Our Cakes

About Us

We're a family owned, local business in Brisbane and for the past 20 years, we have been running as a manufacturer supplying to wholesalers and retail stores across Brisbane to Gold Coast. We decided to test out our smash cakes first through a couple of retailers and due to the demand, we thought, why not open up an additional business solely focusing on selling our innovative chocolate smash cakes to consumers! 

About Our Cakes

All of our cakes are made from Nestle & Cadbury compound chocolate from trusted suppliers in which is what creates the basis of our chocolate piñata smash cakes! Now here's the exciting bit...you need to smash the cake to reveal what's inside and it's not your usual cake sponge and cream, it's whatever confectionery mix you choose to include in your cake. We've tried our best to offer customisation on all cakes so you can add your personal touch - from messages, toppers, custom edible images and mini alcohol bottles!

Smash A Cake Brisbane's Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide people in Brisbane a new and innovative way to celebrate any occasion with our chocolate piñata smash cakes!