Create Your Own Heart (1kg filling + mallet included)

This sure is to give your loved one a smashing surprise! You customise and build the cake the way you want it - so it definitely comes from the heart right!

How to order:

  • Select your cake colour
  • Select the writing colour
  • Add your custom message for on top of the smash cake
  • Select your fillings
  • Add our creative add-ons for that extra customisation!

What's included: 1kg customised heart surrounded by matching coloured chocolate buttons, love heart tissue filled in box for a gift feel

Fill with 1kg of:

+$0 - Mixed Party Filling: Allen's party mix, Pascall Marshmallows & Mini M&M's

+$5 - Sour Mix (100% Vegan Filling): Cola & Raspberry sour straps, Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, Starburst Chews Fruit

+$5 - Halal Mix: Pascal Marshmallow, Natural Confectionary Party Mix, Mini Cadbury Bars

+$5 - Trolli Party Mix (Gluten Free): Trolli Cola & Sour Cola Bottles, Trolli Sour Glow Worms, Trolli Gummi Bears, Trolli Sour Peach Rings

+$5 - 50/50 Filling: Allen's Party Mix, Mini M&M's, Maltesars, Chocolate Honeycomb, Smarties

+$10 - Chocaholic Filling: Mini M&M's, Maltesars, Smarties, Mini Mars Bars, Mini Snicker Bars, Mini Milky Ways, M&M packets, Chocolate Honeycomb & Original Milk Chocolate Tim Tams

Size: 20 cm (W) x 9 cm (H)